Turnkey Solutions: SEMINARY IN A BOX™

Служение III Тысячелетие provides online and offline residence and distance education solutions for your theological seminary, Christian university, Bible college or school. Our solutions are also suitable for mentoring and training programs, and for a wide variety of other learning communities.

Служение III Тысячелетие curriculum is free, and can be implemented in local settings at little or no cost. Hosted solutions are maintained at or near cost.

The seminary course content is customizable within the boundaries of Evangelical Protestantism. Служение III Тысячелетие does not seek creative or academic control over the use of the curriculum.

The curriculum is currently available in English, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Russian and Spanish, and is used in every self-governing country and many others.

For a sample online solution, please visit Birmingham Theological Seminary's Certificate in Christian Ministry website. This site features a 27-credit master's curriculum, complete with video lectures, study guides, readings, quizzes, tests, grading, customizable media player, and registrar administration. (Some features are only available to students enrolled in the program.)

For a video testimonial of a flourishing offline solution we call the "tablet model," please view this user-made video from Will Savell of ESEPA in Costa Rica.

Our video testimonials, testimonials and partners in ministry pages provide a sampling of other endorsements and references.

To design a seminary solution that fits your circumstances and needs, please email Andrew Lamb, our VP of Emerging Global Opportunities and Leadership Integration.