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If you want to deepen your personal biblical studies…
If you want to start a local learning community group…
If you represent a Bible school or a church needing to train leaders…
If you represent a ministry that wants to raise up the next generation of leaders…
The Global Opportunities Team at Thirdmill is here to help.

All Thirdmill curriculum is available for free download

You may freely download all of our lessons and make copies to share with others. All video and audio files, manuscripts, and lesson guides can be accessed from our Index of Downloadable Files, or from the various lesson pages within the Video Seminary Courses section of our website. If you have difficulty with download speeds or availability, a number of our partners have found internet cafes to be an affordable option.

If you are unable to download, then request a flash drive

If you are unable to download our free curriculum and would like to receive our material via flash drive, please complete our Curriculum Request Form form. While Thirdmill is committed to free distribution, we will ask groups to cover the cost of international shipping, or in some cases the cost of the flash drive in which the free curriculum is being distributed. Further details are provided in the request link above.

Do you want more resources such as tests and quizzes?

For an online classroom experience, you or each member of your group can register at myThirdmill.org — this approach provides a course syllabi, lesson guides, quizzes, online learning activities, and a glossary for each course. The online classroom is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, and Russian.

Are you interested in setting up a Local Learning Community?

We have developed a Leaders Training Manual for those interested in learning how to integrate academic biblical studies, such as our curriculum, with local ministry experience and mentoring. If you are interested in learning more please let us know by completing our Feedback form.